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How to Create a Perfect Sleeping Environment with Blinds


Selecting the items in a room are often chosen based on how they look, or how a person feels about them. A person’s favourite colour or theme can be the basis for decorating a room. However, window finishes can further assist in creating the ultimate sleep environment for a restful session. Here are some hints that you can use to craft the best sleep environment possible. 

Problems Sleeping?

Image of a girl sleeping

Well if you really believe that your sleeping environment is a lost cause, then perhaps you should consider seeking some medical advice. However, before you take that lunge, looking at your habits and the environment you go to sleep in. Too much light entering a room will ultimately disturb a person’s sleep – lack of sleep can ultimately result in negative health and wellbeing implications. Fitting blackout blinds can help significantly reduce the amount of light penetrating a room.  This will help maintain circadian rhythms, deeper sleep and better overall wellbeing. 

Stop People Seeing Into My Room!



You may be one of those people that has a front street view of the neighbourhood and are perfectly positioned to know the goings-on of your neighbours at all times. However, it can be quite daunting to know that you are being watched in the privacy of your own room. This is a great opportunity to consider alternative window treatments to manage who can see in and out. Roller blinds are offered in an option known as sheer or privacy. These blinds can fit on their own or as part of a dual blind (with block out or a standard colour option) and they offer the ability that, when they are rolled down, they allow maximum light into a room while blocking external views into a room.

Natural Light is Your Friend

image of natural light

Any room in a house should have the ability to use natural light. The bedroom is no different, otherwise, it stays dark and gloomy (which is not helpful for mental health and wellness). Sunscreen roller blinds provide UV protection and let light into a room. Be warned, though, that these do not provide privacy so if they are used in a bedroom with views of neighbours or streets,  the privacy that we enjoy and discussed in earlier paragraphs will be compromised.  

Combo Blind Solution

Dual blinds have more than 1 type of blind on a roller system that can allow you to choose what you want and when you want it. In this situation, consider a blockout blind for the evening or sleep requirements. For your second blind layer, sheer or privacy blinds can be highly useful as you will be able to maintain your privacy whilst enjoying natural light. Having these dual blind options will position you to best enjoy any room and all it has to offer. 

Using roller blinds can help significantly to control the privacy and lighting aspects of a room. By installing sheer blinds you can maximise light and privacy. Blockout blinds can significantly reduce light entering a room, which will ultimately help preserve sleep. Selecting the right blind for the purpose of the room and the individual is a big consideration, but roller blinds have the ability to cater to most needs.