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 How To Grow And  Care For “Ficus benjamina”

The story goes that at the time Buddha attained enlightenment, he was in the shadow of a ficus. Also called the fig tree, the ficus is an extremely well-known outdoor and indoor tree in gardens and homes all over the world. You can visit to buy the best Zanzibar plant to enhance your home’s beauty.

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There are ficus plants in all sizes and textures including weeping ficus as well as fiddle ficus both being very the most popular bonsai trees for indoor use. Ficus thrives in perfect conditions for growth and is the perfect choice for those who wish to have low-maintenance, but beautiful plants.

Ficus enjoys well-lit spaces within your home, without drafts. Ficus trees are prone to stress when they have moved around. The best way to avoid stress is to remain in one location throughout their lifetime. the less you move them the more sturdy it gets.

When ficus is stressed, they shed leaves. The leaves recover quickly and, even if it falls to the point that there are just some leaves left they can return to their original glory within some weeks with proper treatment.

How do you grow Ficus Trees?

Many gardeners find growing ficus trees an arduous, but rewarding experience. Ficus trees can be used for indoor and outdoor cultivation and all varieties work very well as bonsai trees too. However, they aren’t the most dependable.