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How to Sell Your Property With Direct Mail Postcards

Email advertising continues to gain prominence, especially in small businesses. Research conducted by Hurwitz & Associates revealed that 46% of small businesses utilized email marketing and 36% have plans to start using it within 12 months of the survey.

This usually means that the owner does not live on the property because the majority of the property owners have their property tax bills sent to their home address. You can navigate for getting more knowledge about direct mail postcards.

Why absentee owner? usually absent owner of real estate investors who have bought real estate property investment more. If we limit the list of absentee owners to people who have bought their homes in the last 6 months, the list will reflect more accurately the active investor.

Where do you get the absentee owner of your mailing list? Many county assessor's office will sell a list of absentee owners for a very small amount of money. Alternatively, you can order for about 15 cents per name of a mailing list company like ListSource.

What should I put on a postcard? I have tried several different approaches, but I usually like to put my website and phone number for them to get more info about the deal, as well as a little info on why they get a postcard.