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How To Stop Back Pain In Honolulu

If you have ever suffered from back pain, you know exactly what it is talking about. If you are reading this, it means either you or someone you care about is suffering from some form of back.

So, let’s not bore you with statistics on back pain, let’s cut right to the chase and give you some ideas on how you can get rid of your back pain once and for all by getting treatment of this problem from the Best Orthopedic Spine Surgeon in Honolulu.

First thing, if you have been suffering from back pain, please have it checked out by a physician. There are a lot of causes of back pain and you need to know what is causing your pain. Along with treatment from expert orthopaedic you can apply natural remedies on your own.

So, let’s say that you have seen your physician and stuff like fractures and tumors have been ruled out and the cause of your back pain is mechanical (degeneration, disc, joint, and muscles problems).

Rub Magnesium Oil on your back, legs, and butt. Let’s not go into all the details on magnesium oil, you can “Google” that. Let’s just say that Magnesium Oil can help with stiff and tight muscle, so try it.

As long as it doesn’t cause you pain, do some deep squats and lunges. This will help loosen up the leg and butt muscles that are often related to back pain.

Do some self-myofascial release or some self-massage. There are many ways you can “massage” your muscles. Again rather than going into a lot of detail on the many different ways you can massage your muscle, I will give a list, and then you can look them up on YouTube.

Loosen up your hips. Stand up, lift your knee as high as you can, move your knee as far away from your body as you can and then drop it back to the ground. When you do this you might feel a clicking in your groin area. This means your hip flexors (or psoas muscles) are tight, which is why I am having you do this in the first place.