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How to Structure Your SEO Strategy

SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of improving a website's ranking in search engine results to make it easier for users to find the site. By following some basic SEO principles, you can optimize your blog for free. 

If you want to be successful with SEO, it's important to keep your strategy simple. While there are a number of complex techniques you can use to improve your website's ranking in search engines, most of them are unnecessary and can actually harm your website's traffic. Here are a few tips for structuring your SEO strategy:

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1. Begin by identifying your website's main targets. Your main targets are likely to be people who are looking for information about the same topic as you or people who are looking for solutions to specific problems. If you're a small business, your main target might be people who are looking for businesses in the same niche as yours.

2. Choose a keyword that is relevant to your target audience and focus your efforts on optimizing your website for that keyword.Once you have identified a keyword that is relevant to your target audience, research which keywords are associated with that keyword and make sure that your website is optimized for those keywords.

3. Create content that is optimized for the target keyword and place it on the appropriate pages of your website. The more pages of content that are optimized for the target keyword, the better. Make sure that all of the content on your website is relevant to the target.