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How To Study The Bible?

Bible study is very important in the Christian life. Bible study is required to allow us to understand God spiritually. Without studying the Bible, we will not really understand the love of God. So how do we study the Bible?

First, we must understand to study the Bible correctly, we must rely on the guidance of the holy spirit. The Bible is a spiritual book with hidden wisdom contained therein. To understand spiritual wisdom, we must study the Bible with the guidance of the holy spirit. You can get more information about the bible history timeline at

When studying the Bible, we must allow the Holy Spirit to guide us into all truth. There are many people in the world today who believe that they understand the Bible. However, they interpret the Bible based on the wisdom of nature. 

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However, studying the Bible with natural wisdom will not profit us. We must open up the spiritual wisdom of the word of God. To do this, we must listen to the Spirit of God. There are many different denominations within Christianity today. Many denominations come from a study of the Bible that is not true.

It is found in John 10: 1 God defines words that have been used in the Bible. If we use our natural knowledge, wisdom, and definitions, we would be wrong to interpret the word of God. We must study God's word carefully with a spiritual mindset and spiritual dictionary