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Hydraulic Hose System Design

A hydraulic hose must be in accordance with the highest pressure capable in hydraulic systems, which typically provides a pressure pump. However, there certainly could be an increased pressure in the engine components that can be much higher than the aid of hydraulic or pressure pumping capacity, especially when the pressure intensifying cylinder flow is generated. 

Special attention should apply when designing a system with flow dividers geared for this effect. Hose usually has a rating of 4 times the pressure rating of the explosion that although rated lower hose may work for a short time, they will be exhausted and then fail in a shorter period of time. For more information you can take help of A.T. Hydraulics agency. 

It is a good idea to then look at the hose failing to make sure it will suit the circuit pressure hydraulic flow ratings. Sometimes people can only make hydraulic hose assembly of the wrong type of hose and will not even notice only to fail. This can occur even from the manufacturer.

Next, there is a 4000-psi hose that is used on some of the open loop system piston pumps engaged in manufacturing. Hydraulic hoses are most commonly found in the industry as 3000 psi rated hose, which is common with gear pump circuits used in correlation with the high pressure cylinder and gear motor system. 

There are many hose 1500 psi and lower ratings to the line back and applications to other special cases. Most of the hydraulic lines used to supply the valve and then returned back to the oil cooler, hydraulic filters, and oil reservoir. If you are wondering, why not use a high pressure hydraulic hose on everything in the oil circuit; it is because of the higher costs.