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Improving Your Memory and Mental Health

Memory is a major component of good mental health. Without it, we would forget phone numbers, people's names, or freeze upon a test. Of course, many of us still do – I know I do quite often.

So how one can improve their mental health through memory? Here are some great ideas and exercises to get you started:

Mental Health: Repetition

The easiest and probably most well known way of memorizing someone's name is to repeat it several times during a conversation. For example, when meeting or leaving someone, use their names casually. If you are dealing with Mental Health problems, then you can check out various sources.

Mental Health: Visualization

Make a picture in your head that uses the item you are trying to remember is another mental health technique. Take the name of someone you do not want to forget, and imagine it written in neon lights on the forehead of the man. 

Mental Health: Pictures

When attending large functions with a large number of people, take pictures, and make a note of the names of all people. Then, after the image is developed, you can refer back to the evidence necessary for your personal mental health.

All of these methods can be used regardless of the situation – at work, home, business or school. The mental health skill of being able to recall places, things, people or events is a strong precursor to personal strength and intelligence.