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Information About The Release Train Engineer

The Release Train Engineer (RTE) has the main intention of encouraging and training an Agile Release Train (ART) by directing it to achievement along with navigating the complexity of providing applications from big, cross-functional surroundings. You can understand the SAFe 5.0 Release Train Engineer with RTE certification Online.

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The RTE helps solve and boost impediments, manages risk, helps guarantee value shipping, and compels app-level constant improvement. The RTE is responsible for the entire planning, coordination, implementation, and delivery of value throughout the app.


  • Facilitate the coordinated preparation and implementation of release preparation for your ART. Including:
  • Working together with the ART staff who prioritizes the attributes to be considered within another program increment (PI) planning cycle.
  • Facilitating the ART group's refinement of attributes to be considered at another PI planning cycle to Satisfy the Feature Definition of Ready.
  • Assists the ART in coordination and communication with stakeholders and clients during attribute definition and shipping.
  • Ensuring effective communication and coordination for and throughout quarterly preparation.
  • Controlling change into the ART's PI Program as well as the consequences of these changes.
  • Drive cross-staff, ART, and departmental impediments, preparation, cooperation, and coordination.
  • Know, picture, and handle upstream/downstream dependencies.
  • Push delivery and continuous improvement by using metrics and feedback (quality, delivery speed, etc.) to identify areas of opportunity.
  • Function across teams and stakeholders to always improve.
  • Engage with direction and cross-functional teams as subject matter specialists to develop and enhance operating policies and processes associated with Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and become an advocate in adopting Agile and SAFe best practices and procedures.