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Inspirational Music for Kids & Teens

A teenage period in your life is most likely marked by enormous growth, combined with the unavoidable struggles and stressors of simply growing up.

Sometimes when you feel uncomfortable, it just takes a little boost of inspiration and motivation to get your mood back, and what better way to do it than through song. Music has the power to lift your mood and reduce anxiety. You can stay in touch with Durrelliott to check for other related articles to teen music.

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Here is a list of some inspirational songs that will raise your morale.

1) Get up

If you've been hit and struggling on a daily basis, this powerful song from Andra Day is a great reminder that you can bounce back and endure no matter how tough it is.

2) This is me

This song conveys the message that who you are is not something to be afraid of or embarrassed about. On the contrary, it's something to be proud of.

3) I'm all right

This charming melody from Mowglis shows one of the most important issues of youth: the development of your own identity. From trying to figure out who you are to worrying about what other people think of you, this song encourages the listeners not to give up on being the best person you can be and living life to the fullest.

4) Never break up

It is a commitment to remain hopeful, resilient, and loving despite the challenges the world may pose. Don't give up fighting for what is right.