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Keep Cleanliness in Your Dog’s Food With Airtight Container

Are you looking for alternative storage methods, such as a plastic container? Chances are, you have not been able to find the ideal container for your pet dog food. Products out there that either does not fit to the size you need, not made with good quality plastic or does not come with an airtight lid.

The good news is that Paw Print product sells the best airtight container dog food you could ever find! Best of all, the bucket can be customized with names and phone numbers of your pet. It's easy to customize your container – just go online, upload your favorite photo, your pet's name or a phrase and add it to your cart.  For getting more knowledge about dog crates and bed covers you can visit

Paw Print Items – Caring For Your Pet's Food

Paw Print product get into the business of creating an airtight container dog food because they know how hard it is to find a suitable storage containers for dog food. They have come up with awesome containers that keep your dog fresh food for long periods of time, and safe from things like insects, rodents, moisture and oxygen.

Their container the following features:

airtight lid

handle Durable

thick, virgin polyethylene


Fully customizable – add your pet's name, photograph, and even your favorite quotes!

The choice of colors, including blue, red and white

options for seed size small or large