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Keep Your Compound Looking Appealing By Using A Dog Waste Service

 Although dogs are great pets, their waste is unpleasant. It can not only ruin the appearance of your yard but also cause bad odors, making it uncomfortable to spend time outdoors. Dog poop is also filled with bacteria. Leaving it on grass may also cause yellowing of the grass, bacterial infections of the skin and water contamination. These are the reasons all neighborhoods insist that pet owners should clean up after their pets. If you cannot do so, you can use a dog waste service in New Jersey.

Using dog poop collection services is a good idea if you are busy with other commitments like a full-time job. Local pooper scooper service providers offer cleanup services on a weekly, bi-weekly or even daily basis at cost-effective prices. The individual rates vary, and you should, therefore, get estimates from two to three service providers to get the best rate.

When you use dog waste services, you can enjoy having a clean yard without the hassle of cleaning up the poop. Someone will take care of this task for you, providing you with peace of mind that your yard is a safe environment for you, your family and guests to enjoy. These service providers can also help you keep your lawn healthy.

Pet waste is not a natural fertilizer. The protein-rich diet of a dog makes the excrement acidic and concentrated amounts could be toxic to your lawn or shrubs. The fecal matter of dogs also contains 2.5 times more nitrogen than cattle manure, meaning that it can have adverse effects on your soil.

You can also avoid disease-causing bacteria when you get rid of dog fecal matter from your yard. The Environmental Protection Agency declared it a pollutant. One gram of canine fecal matter contains millions of fecal coliform bacteria and parasites like salmonella, toxoplasmosis, and campylobacteriosis. If they get into the human body, these microorganisms can cause cramps, diarrhea, and intestinal problems.

Pet excrement removers also dispose of the fecal matter in the right manner. While many pet owners flush the poop down the toilet, there is the potential for debris and stones to cause blockages. Other pet owners scoop the fecal matter and throw it in the dumpster or trash bin, which increases the potential for contamination and insects. Professional removers dispose of the fecal matter in a manner that complies with health and safety regulations to prevent the risk of diseases.

Dog waste removers also offer other useful services besides disposing of fecal matter. They can disinfect dog runs and kennels, remove cat litter and apply pet-friendly deodorizing treatments to patios and decks. These service providers can also disinfect shoes and clothes that have been exposed to pet excrement to ensure that it is not tracked back into your home.

You need not wait for a professional service to remove the pet excrement. As long as the pet waste removers can access your yard, they can collect the fecal matter, sanitize and deodorize the area in your absence. The people who offer these services are trained, licensed and insured. They can help you have a clean-smelling, fresh, and sanitized lawn.