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Key Features of CRM Reporting Software

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) refers to the theory used by businesses to effectively manage customers, partners, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

CRM features

  • CRM consists of three main functions, namely Operational CRM, Joint CRM, and Analytical CRM. 
  • Collaborative CRM is designed to communicate directly with customers without involving sales or service staff.
  • Operational CRM is concerned with providing full front office support for sales, marketing, and similar services.

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Communications with customers are recorded and added to the customer contact history database and can be easily retrieved for future reference. The greatest benefit of maintaining this contact history is that customers can easily contact service personnel without having to repeat previous communications or information.

Direct interaction with CRM is for collaboration, which includes feedback from customers and reporting of issues if any. This interaction can take place through various channels such as email, telephone, SMS, etc. The main goal behind shared CRM is to reduce the cost of the company and improve the services provided.

CRM Analytics finds many applications, such as decision management, prediction of future trends, analysis of customer behavior, planning and execution of marketing campaigns, and much more.

Operational CRM is primarily about automating customer processes and supporting these services appropriately. It is not just a technology; This is actually a step towards better and more efficient customer service.