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Key features of Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence platform that provides nontechnical business users with tools for analyzing, visualizing and presenting data. Power Bi has made a great value in the market. Organizations are  taking Power Bi consulting by,, and many other companies, to get good knowledge about it.

If you are one of those, who does not have much knowledge about Power Bi, I must say you are lacking something very important for your growth. Power Bi have has given the organization access to sort their database with much less time and labour. May it be a 10 years database, with Power Bi you can easily sort it, analyze it and present it the way you want. Below are the mentioned key features of Power Bi:

– Hybrid deployment support – You can connect with a number of different data sources from Microsoft, Salesforce to other vendors.
– Quick Insights – You can easily create, sort and filter data and get the quick insights you wish to see.
– Common data model support – Helps you use standard collection of data schemes.
– Cortana integration – Allows you to search, access or sort data verbally with the help of digital assistance.
– Customization – You can change the visual appearance of reports according to your needs.

There are many other Power Bi features besides this, that can actually help your business grow well. It is all about how well you can use this tool. Once you get to know its features and benefits you can easily play smart enough to get good clients on board. Still if you are concerned about Power Bi, i must suggest you to take its consulting for at least once. At last all I can assure you is that Power Bi will not let you down in terms of a good return on investment. Thinking of growing? Think of Power Bi!