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Know What Is Church Mania

Members will boast in their grand choirs, extraordinary pastors and award-winning children's churches. After all this has been communicated to potential visitors, they will come out to see these things.

We are so passionate about facing a new childcare center, church library, "things and things"; what about the condition of your neighbor's soul? Listen to the sound of heaven church for changing lives through the love of Jesus.

What about brothers or sisters in Christ who need you? Our military services will not leave those who are dead and injured, but many churches quickly forget those spiritually dead and wounded who are left behind when they promote programs and build greater services.

Religious people among us will give a lot of value in promoting the name of their church, their pastor and what they do but there is no time to save or tend sheep who need food.

Mania is defined as: "excitement manifested by mental and physical hyperactivity, behavioral disorganization, and mood enhancement".

In many cases, this, (in my observation) describes the modern church. What does this have to do with Sunday services? This is not a diagnosis, only observations with comments.

Some people, when they attend weekly church services have hopes of getting something that will drive away their blues.

If the choir can provide really good choreography, and deacons can send prayers very well, the members who seem to have been conditioned will react as if they feel the Holy Spirit anointed in the building.