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Kugoo Kirin B2 Folding Moped Electric Bike E-Scooter

With a 48V 400W high-speed motor and 7.5Ah lithium battery, the Kugoo electric bike will easily help you travel up to 45km / h, and the fast charging system will only take 5-6 hours. Xiaomi is an ideal transport for cities to travel short distances.

The Kugoo Kirin b2 scooter is equipped with 3 modes: pedal mode, clean power mode, and moped mode. Even if you forget to charge your electric bike and the battery suddenly drains while you are away from home, you can take it to your destination without any hassle.

The motorcycle frame is designed in the shape of a dolphin with a round curved handle that folds flat for portable convenience and easy storage. It is also equipped with a child seat so that you can take your child with you when you travel. Of course, the seat is removable, you can take it off at any time.

From parking brakes for more efficient braking to pedals and child seats, it has everything you love and need, like the latest Kugoo electronic motorcycles. 

This eco-friendly motorcycle is 100% electric and emission-free, protecting your wallet and the environment. The Kugoo brand offers a wide range of electric scooters. But today we present the Kugoo Kirin B2 electric moped with a power of up to 400 W or a maximum speed of 45 km / h. 

The Kugoo Kirin B2 electric scooter may look like a smaller electric bike at first glance. The dimensions of the device are set at 1170 x 500 x 990 millimeters, and then the weight is set at 18 kilograms.