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Learn Different Bollywood Dance Styles Online

It doesn't matter if you want to take a class in Bollywood dance or watch the performance on stage, it will be a delight for your eyes. It's possible to enjoy a variety of dance styles in an energetic performance. 

Bollywood dance can include Indian classical, Bollywood folk, Western pop 'n jazz, Bhangra and Latin. This is evident in the evolution of the art form over the years. The influence of "kathak," performances associated with courtesans in early Hindu and Urdu films was significant. You can easily get more  information about these new dance styles via

Kuchipudi and Bharata Natyam were strong influences in early South Indian films. The influence of classical music or Indian folk might have influenced romantic numbers in the past. They developed strong movements and spastic jerks later. These numbers are now more easily identifiable.

Indian films were first made in 1932 . An actress who played the role of the vamp in earlier films was an actor. However, major heroines now perform such roles. These performances are influenced primarily by Western  dancers.

Bhangra is also used in Indian films to perform certain song sequences. Another style that is often seen in Indian movies is "Busby Berkeley", named after the powerful and talented Hollywood musical choreographer. This style is used in Bollywood songs that feature a variety of female dancers, performing with accuracy comparable to military standards.

You might be inspired to learn the Indian dance style by watching your favorite movies. Online search can be used to find dance teachers, institutes, or academies offering classes for both children and adults.