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Mobile App Development – What You Should Not Do

Mobile App is fundamentally different from the mobile web site. There are differences in size, function, and scope, not to mention the expectations of users. Some people think that their application must do all the same things that their sites do not, if not somehow less valuable. If you are searching for website design & development firm then you can explore various online sources.

Different mobile applications of their web counterparts, and that's what makes them so important. Additional advantages of mobility, more responsive controls, increased accessibility to hardware devices, and the scope for customization big difference.

In-app ads are perfect for your app monetization, especially if the application is free for download. It can help you significantly offset the cost of development and maintenance. But imagine their video ad or image ad is loaded with graphics that take up the whole of your screen, affecting the usability of applications.

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They sure are breakers of experience and source of constant annoyance. Consumers complained they were about a lot, and they can make the whole experience a very negative user. But you can still use the ad and make sure they are not causing interference.

How do you advertise and still make sure that your UX does not go in vain? Testing is the answer. Make sure the ad's appearance has been customized to suit the design and layout of the application and does not compromise on the user experience.