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Office Furniture Restoration – Basic Tips You Want To Know

When you are planning teak wood restorations you have to keep in mind the cost of services. A restoration agency which has principles of imparting quality teak restorations and repairs needs to be selected. 

You can save a lot on the professional and quality restorations of teak wood furniture once a reasonable restorer is selected. You can get more information about the best wood furniture restoration via

Affordable Restorations:

Repainting is a practical way to give your old furniture a new look. You can do it yourself with the help of several tools which we will discuss later. So don't waste your money on new furniture if you can return the old one. You can make it look like new. 


As a first step in recovery, we will divide the process in stages. Loose parts should be re-glued or better secured with nails, but be careful when doing this. We don't want the wood to crack so just use nails of the correct size. Damaged or cracked parts must be replaced.


Once the broken and loose parts are pinned and re-glued, it's time to sand the parts. This process is necessary to remove old paint, varnish or other finishing materials from your furniture. 

But before you sand your office furniture, you should cover any deep scratches, dents or cracks with a wooden spatula of the same color as the furniture. 


To complete the restoration process, you need to choose a stain color that matches the existing furniture color. It is better to apply two thin coats of the stain than to apply one thick stain. 

Make sure you let the furniture dry before applying the second coat. As a top layer, you can use polyurethane or tung oil as a protective coating for furniture.