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Portable Basketball Hoops: The Good and The Bad

If you're looking for basketball hoops, you'll come across three kinds. The first one is the in-ground type, in which the pole is inserted in the ground or as an anchor. The other is the one that is mounted which has the hoop set up on a garage or on the side of the home. The last type is portable, and the hoop is able to be moved at a whim.

Basketball hoops that are portable are popular for a variety of reasons. Being capable of moving them around whenever needed can be extremely advantageous. This is especially the case for those who don't have plenty of space for the hoop but need to keep them in their garage or another location when it's not being used. You can also shop in ground 60 inch basketball hoops from

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Another reason they're popular is that they do not require installation. There is no need to dig a trench and put it in cement. They're not permanent and if you decide to relocate elsewhere, you can carry it along. It isn't an option with in-ground models.

However, everything that exists in the world also has some opposite side and the same is true for basketball hoops. The main drawback of portable models is the inability to maintain stability. Certain models are stronger than the others and adding sand to them can help however they're not very impressive against models in the ground in this area.

The more rigid a hoop is and the more durable it will be. This is why hoops that are in the ground are the best choice for performance. They don't move and the backboards are usually still. This makes it possible to get a great bounce on bank shots as well as to rebound.