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Questions To Ask Your Bullion Dealer

Gold bullion dealers can help you find the type and quantity of gold you desire. Whether you’re looking for a long-term way to preserve wealth, a haven against future economic crises, or a tangible asset that you can control directly, bullion makes a great investment option. 

There are many gold and silver storage services in Switzerland – Vaulting & Security where you can buy gold and silver locally. The questions you need to ask your bullion dealer to make an informed purchase and make sure that precious metals are working for you.

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Here are the questions to consider:

1. What Is Bullion?

First, you need to make sure that you’re getting the right product. Bullion is high-purity gold and silver purchased in the form of bars or coins. Unlike jewelry, buyers aren’t concerned about design or brand, just bullion value. The most important question is this: how many ounces of gold or silver is the product?

2. What’s the Best Kind of Bullion to Buy?

Many investors start by buying silver, as it’s a much more affordable and accessible metal. Silver offers many of the same benefits as its more expensive counterpart, and their prices often move together. 

It’s easier to save money on premiums because, as a rule, the more ounces you buy at once, the more you can save.