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Rain Gutters: Why are They Important?

The two most important parts of a house are the foundation and the roof – and these two areas are actually very connected.

Obviously, the foundation of a house is what supports the house, supports the structure, and protects the elements. In the same way, a roof protects the interior of a home by protecting dirt, elements, and critters from above from entering.

If your foundation is not strong, the whole house can be at risk. In addition, if the roof does not drain properly, it can cause your foundation to deteriorate.

A guttering expert can help you make sure your roof will work with your foundation, not against it. You can also check out here to get gutter installation services in York.

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This is how gutters should work

When the water hits the roof, it goes down the slope to the edge. With a roof gutter, this water is directed along the edge of the roof to the corner, where it flows through the bottom drain, and then safely away from the house; This happens when the accumulated winter snow melts.

This design will keep your head dry as you walk in your door. But more importantly, it protects water from dripping around the house, scrapes off dirt on the plinth, and protects it from puddles around the plinth. Gutters also look good and ensure a perfect appearance all the way to the edge of the roof.