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Recycling Of Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated cardboard boxes are the most popular packaging material in the world. They have been a favorite over the years for their various benefits. Corrugated cardboard boxes offer a high level of security for the items they contain. Items are not damaged, even when subjected to shocks, vibrations, or even falls. They are mainly used for delivering valuables. From iPhone to apple packaging, we see corrugated cardboard boxes. The use of corrugated cardboard boxes is increasing rapidly. 

One of the main advantages of corrugated cardboard is that it can be easily recycled. This factor gives corrugated boxes an edge over other packaging materials. You will help create an "eco-friendly" brand for the company like Copackinc. Because it doesn't damage the environment, there's nothing wrong with throwing it out in the open. Another important factor is that an old corrugated box can be made into a new one.

Can Corrugated Boxes Be Recycled?

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The old "OCC" or "corrugated cardboard container" is the name for discarded corrugated cardboard boxes. They are commonly referred to as "cardboard boxes" by laypeople. Some of these boxes had no inner lining and therefore caused a complete loss of strength. The United States is considered the largest corrugated box producer. They use corrugated boxes for everyone and everything. 

In this technological era, the Internet is gaining popularity and, with it, e-commerce. E-commerce means buying and selling goods online. The goods we buy online are sent to our homes. They will be in corrugated cardboard boxes. Corrugated mailer boxes offer good protection for the items they contain.

Corrugated cardboard recycling is relatively easy and takes less time. The first thing you need to do is compress the box and put it in the hydropuler. Hydropuller is a large hot spring used for cleaning and maintenance. The suspension obtained from this process is used for the production of paper and other associative products. 

There are a few things to consider before you ditch all of this. Metal strips, metal cladding, staples, and other materials must be removed. Through the combined efforts of the community and government, it is estimated that more than 70% of corrugated boxes are recycled to make new ones.