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Role Of Immigration Services

There are millions of people who have managed to immigrate to Canada but as an immigration service requires processing time which is a complex task. And success is not guaranteed. There is always a possibility that your application may be rejected. 

Deciding to get a visa is not something to be taken lightly. There are many things to consider and research when making these decisions and do things the right way. You can also click here to find more info related to various immigration services. Another helpful thing to do is to consult with an immigration law attorney.

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Immigration services provide visas to foreign individuals. An application must be completed properly and then submitted for approval. A B-1 and B-2 Visa both given for six months or less. This is obtained at the port-of-entry after indicating the reasons for visiting Canada. This could be for a visit or business as well as being a student.

Most people living in Canada for less than six months, but it is possible to seek an extension of up to six months. Often they were here long enough to get them completed and the reason will be returned to their home countries. If someone wants to be there again they need to convert their visa. 

To accomplish all these steps contact the immigration service is a way to have some help through the process. There are various rules and regulations to get a visa, visa change or get a visa extension. Representatives of immigration services can help an individual to do this properly. 

Keep in mind if one wishes to extend their stay or change their visa status then it is considered a difficult task. It is often not given unless there are health problems arise or business situation. When it comes to being a student a few things to consider then they should not apply within three months of arriving.