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SAP, Oracle Application & Solutions

SAP and Oracle service providers were the decision in the ERP market in recent decades with Microsoft Dynamics gradually reaching popularity. Both SAP and Oracle ERP systems are advertised for large organizations that extend beyond the geographic boundaries that millions of data interactions see per day. In addition, Oracle Solutions Partner has been the preferred choice of small and medium organizations.

While SAP and Oracle have the largest participation in the ERP market in terms of features and services, these two software systems have their areas of strength and weakness. The functionality of SAP and Oracle has attracted several organizations around the world and has known that its services are duly recognized despite the high cost and time required for implementation. Your Oracle Solutions Partner  can help your organization to get your system up to date and help you with growth and scalability, solutions to migrations and security.

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SAP and Oracle the main advantage lies in providing a deep integration of the most complex features of a large organization and the desired flexibility. Sometimes, too flexible characteristics cause problems in the management of various business processes.

Small and medium enterprises do not prefer SAP and Oracle due to their high cost and long implementation period. In addition, these two main actors in ERP software have complex features that are not essential for small and medium businesses.

Oracle, armed with advanced technical features, provides the fastest database with a high level of security ensuring reliability and reliability to users. The different solutions in the boxes provided by Oracle greatly improved its popularity. But the high cost, the complex features of advanced and extreme flexibility require a higher level of experience and this can cause barriers in business processes.

 SAP has been a pioneer in business ERP and has been at the top since the 1970s, but its main drawback is its rigid features and limited customization facilities.