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Setting Revenue Goals For A Mobile Car Washing Company

Car washes and auto repair shops were businesses he believed this town needed. Well, I've been to Flag before and am sure a business like that can work there, even if it's seasonal because you can't wash your car properly outside when it's snowing.

They put together their pro forma and try to set sales targets, but don't know where to start. You can also check for the best fleet car wash through

Car Washing

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First, the reality is this; depending on. It depends on a lot of things. Similarly, fleet owners and companies have no choice but to maintain the quality of their equipment; Vans, trailers, and trucks on the road.

Second, if he and his wife are planning to clean cars in large office buildings and corporations, then there will be days when no one will wash their cars, because once you drive a car, it will get dirty right away, regardless of the weather. 

Third, their market segment and market mix between fleet vehicles and private cars are very important.

Before you ask this question; how much money can I make you must be wondering what kind of car wash company you want to run; Plan to do passenger car detailing and office building car cleaning or plan to specialize in washing a fleet of vehicles. 

Once you understand these issues and your market mix, it will be much easier to overcome the challenges of setting revenue targets for your first fiscal year.