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Signs That Your Pool Hoist Needs Maintenance

The patient lift is one of many ways to get around for people with disabilities. These hoists are very popular in group and client homes because they are mostly portable and easy to use.But just like electric scooters and electric wheelchairs, disability patient lifts also require regular maintenance to run smoothly and optimally. Elevators that are not regularly maintained can suddenly break down and cause inconvenience to the user. 

There are signs you can fix and they will usually give you an early indication of whether the lift is starting to wear out.


The hand control is one of the important elements of the elevator because it is the only device that moves the elevator. Also, if the handset is cracked, damaged, or showing signs of physical strain, it could also mean the inside is damaged too. So replace as soon as you suspect damage. You can also take help from disability pool lift equipment services


As the drive moves the boom up and down, it is important to do so gently and freely. If you hear a ticking, crackling, or another sound, this could be an early sign of possible damage. Finally, check that all pins, bolts, and brackets securing the spray boom to the boom are in good condition.


Movement is also the key to the wheel. Make sure you can turn it freely and the wheels don't spin and the lift doesn't move when the brakes are applied. When the brakes are released, check to see if you can move the hoist without any unusual noise or disturbance.