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Sitting Like an Executive- Chairs Fit for a Boss

Seating Which Reflects Your Executive Stature

When you’re the person in charge, not any old chair will do. Executive chairs fit for a boss (or for a king!) are in order – chairs which reflect your status, complement your stature and convey your authority. If you’re the one calling the shots at work, you’re likely also to spend many hours sitting behind your executive desk, glued to your computer screen, or enduring long, draw-out boardroom meetings. What you need is a chair that not only looks good but that feels great. What you need is an executive ergonomic office chair which keeps your body properly postured, which provides support in all the right places, and which is optimally engineered for maximum comfort and productivity all day long.

Executive Chairs: Creating Harmony Between You and Your Workstation

Imagine a chair specifically designed to create harmony between your body, your computer, and your workstation. Imagine a chair which keeps you energized and alert even into the late hours of the evening or night. Imagine a chair which keeps your circulation pumping and your creative juices flowing. And picture a chair which keeps you cool and comfortable, no matter how long you sit and even on hot summer days.

Executive ergonomic office chairs do all that and more. Engineered using cutting-edge technology, these chairs are anything but ordinary. State-of-the-art tilt mechanisms keep your body in a fixed position relative to the seat, allowing you to move naturally in the most positively seated posture. The ability to recline while you work reduces spinal compression, while backrest adjustments conform to the natural contours of your spine and help you maintain a balanced and neutral sitting position. You can click here to get more information about it.

A good executive chair also boasts essential lumbar (low back) support, in addition to providing support for your thighs and thorax and preventing uncomfortable pressure on your arms and legs. Since there is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to seating, ergonomic chairs for executives feature smart technology which detects your movement, evenly distributes your weight, and automatically adapts to the wide variation in shapes and sizes of different users. Whether your physique is tall and wide or short and small, there are seat depth adjustments and armrest motions to fit the narrowest to the broadest ranges.

Executive Office Chair State-of-the-Art Features  

From high back chairs for long hours of sitting to chairs which limit fatigue, eye strain, and headaches caused by excessive computer use, executive-style chairs are optimized to position you at the proper height relative to your computer monitor, to keep your shoulders and wrists relaxed while you type, and to prevent a whole host of office-related injuries associated with prolonged or improper sitting posture. Sitting upright is bad for your back, while having to slouch, hunch over, twist, or strain can also wreak havoc on your body, giving rise to short-term strain and long-term pain.

The solution is an ergonomically engineered chair, designed to create a better fit between you and your physical surroundings. Using state-of-the-art technology, here are some of the features to look for when shopping for executive ergonomic chairs:

  • Back Height Adjustment
  • Back Angle Adjustment
  • Back Tilt Tension Adjustment (upright, reclined, and forward postures)
  • Adjustable Headrest Angle
  • Cushioned Armrest Support Adjustment
  • Seat Depth Adjustment
  • Seat Pan Depth Adjustment (seat slide)
  • Waterfall Front Seat Design (eliminating unhealthy leg compression)
  • Lumbar Support
  • High Back for full back support
  • Locking Knee Tilt Control
  • Dial-In Seat Tilt
  • Safe Rocking Tension Adjustment
  • Intuitive, Easy-To-Use Controls
  • Stable Wheels with minimum five-spoke caster base
  • Swivel Base (allowing you to turn while seated)
  • Quality Casters

Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for function when you invest in a modern executive chair. Today’s ergonomic chairs for execs allow you to command in comfort and in style, with options such as leather chairs for high-powered meetings, cool mesh-back designs for boardroom blitzes, Smart Memory foam contoured seats and cushions for your conference needs, and more.

Posture Boosts Self-Confidence

Finally, did you know that how you sit may significantly influence how you feel? In a recent study examining the impact of sitting posture on mood and energy, researchers found that sitting up straight was associated with greater self-confidence on the job, while sitting slumped over was associated with lower work-related self-confidence.