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Some Information About Yeast Metabolites In Poultry

Antibiotics in feed as stimulant growth in poultry feed are now limited because of their negative effects on poultry, human health, and animal products. Recently, many developing countries have limited the use of antibiotics in animal feed. Therefore, alternative development without antibiotics as productivity enhancers for important broiler production. 

Australian feed industry Establish optimal production strategies for chicken production without antibiotics in food. Live Yeast (LY) is one of the most promising potential microbial products that can be used in animal rations as a food supplement and a potential alternative to an antibiotic diet in animals. You can also search online to check how you can use the yeast metabolites in feedlot cattle.

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Therefore, the experiment was conducted to investigate the hypothesis that food supplements containing live yeast, can replace antibiotics in feed and increase growth efficiency by increasing nutritional retention, immune function, antioxidant status, and gut bridal development.

Materials and methods

The broiler handling used in this experiment was approved by the University Commission for animal care.

Products tested

The antibiotics used in this experiment are ChlortetracyCline (CTC) and are supplied by the agricultural technology company.

Broiler productivity

Feed intake and weight are recorded on days 21st and 42 to determine the average daily feed intake (ADFI), daily weight gain (ADG), and Feed Conversion Factor (FCR).


Productivity growth

ADG was higher in the Ly-Fed group compared to the CTR diet at the end of the phase (day 22-42). FCR was lower in both groups ly (p <0.05) than in the CRT group during the final phase. However, FCR and ADG were not affected during the initial period (1-21 days) and throughout the trial period (1-42 days). Although stale basic body (IBW) was no different (p> 0.05), the final weight (FBW) was higher (P <0.05) in the LY-2-Fed group compared to CTR. However, ADFI was not affected by LY’s diet intake in the evaluation period of this study.