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Staying in a Hostel? Then Follow these Important Rules


In the earlier days, hostel was the source of living for students. Today though, hostels serve as a purpose for travelers as well who travel the world to explore. Similar to staying in a hotel and required to follow a few rules, hostels also require a few rules that need to be followed by travelers. These are some of the important rules you need to follow while staying in a hostel.

  1. ‘Shhh’, Silence Please! – During the daytime, you are allowed to speak to fellow travelers inside the dorm rooms or common room. However, in the night the rule changes as everyone needs to go incognito or maintain silence. You can hang out with the travelers outside the dorm rooms.
  2. Turn off the Light – Majority of the travelers will go off to sleep once the time hits 10pm. Once the lights are off, make sure you do not turn on the lights if you need to look for your items. Instead, use the flashlight of your phone to make sure you find the item and also do not disturb others sleep.
  3. Keep the Toilet Clean – After using the toilet, it is important to flush and keep it clean. It is also your duty to let others know to ensure there are no bad smells coming inside the room. Maintain hygienic practice and others will definitely follow you every time you do the right thing.

With these rules, make sure you don’t break them while staying in some of the best hostel in Canggu Bali.