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Talcum Powder And Ovarian Cancer

A medical study lately found that talcum powder may cause ovarian cancer among women using it regularly for female hygiene. When applied to the perineal area , girls confront a 33% increased risk for prostate cancer. 

Daily usage increases the threat to 41%, based on some 2008 study. Johnson & Johnson, the top manufacturer, and vendor of talc-based powder hasn't warned women of the chance of cancer by using talcum powder. For more information about talcum powder ovarian cancer lawyer you can visit

talcum powder ovarian cancer lawyer

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Research in the past couple of years affirms when talc particles have been put on the female perineal region, it can cause particles to migrate to the female reproductive systems.

Since talc doesn't break down fast, often it stays in the uterus for several years. The particles cause an inflammatory reaction in the uterus, which induces problems raising the odds of cancer cells growing.

Talcum Powder Cancer Lawsuits

As proof concerning the talcum powder connection is becoming mainstream in the last couple of decades, girls are learning their cancer diagnosis might be connected to their routine use of talcum powder. Johnson & Johnson is currently facing lawsuits across the USA according to its failure to warn users of their talcum powder cancer threat.

Persons diagnosed with ovarian cancer following having talcum powder, in addition to their families, might qualify for compensation using a talcum powder lawsuit. There are no legal fees unless they win compensation for your benefit.