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The East Chicago Advocate Lawyer Network

The East Chicago Advocate Lawyer Network is a group of lawyers who are willing to help out with legal consultation. This article breaks down what the network does and how it helps to give people a quick and easy way to get advice on legal issues. 


The East Chicago Advocate Lawyer Network is a collaboration between the East Chicago Legal Assistance Society and local attorney volunteer groups. The network provides free legal assistance to low-income residents in East Chicago and surrounding communities. Click here to get to know more about the lawyer of east chicago indiana. 

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Who is the East Chicago Advocate Lawyer Network?

The East Chicago Advocate Lawyer Network is a regional bar association created in 2006 to provide quality legal services to its members and the community. EVAN provides access to qualified attorneys within its geographic area, enhances the legal profession in east-central Indiana, and promotes the interests of its members. 

ECALN is governed by a Board of Directors and a membership of more than 300 attorneys from throughout east-central Indiana. Its full-time staff provides support for its member attorneys through initiatives such as CLE programs, networking events, and attorney referral services. 

In order to ensure that ECALN can provide quality legal assistance to the residents of East Chicago, the network has developed a comprehensive intake process. This process includes an assessment of the individual's legal situation and needs, as well as an interview with the applicant.