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The Many Uses of Himalayan Salt

A salt lamp. Himalayan salt can be used as a lamp because of its unique properties. Because it has infrared rays, it glows when placed near a lamp, which makes it a beautiful addition to any home. It is also ideal for anyone who works in an office setting, because it will not heat up the environment too much.

Temper tools. Himalayan salt can be used to temper tools. Salt and alcohol will work the best, but any liquid fuel will work. Salt is also very easy to clean up, and it comes in a wide variety of colors so it is easy to match a brand to a specific tool.

Pink Himalayan salt is a type of natural crystal salt that comes from the top of the world, located in the Indian Himalayas. Because of its unique properties, it is used in many different applications. Here are some of the most common uses of Himalayan salt.

Countertops. Himalayan salt is popular among chefs because it makes beautiful countertops. If you choose to make a countertop yourself, just make sure that you have plenty of extra so that you can add new countertops and change out the existing ones over time.

Exterior Finishes. If you need something to protect the exterior of your home, then Himalayan salt is for you. Because it is impervious to stains and does not discolor, it is a great addition to any property.

Insulation. If you have a fireplace or hearth in your home, Himalayan salt is ideal for insulation because it does not absorb moisture and it will not boil over. It works well with wood and brick insulation to keep them from drying out and melting in the sun.

Soapstone. When you use Himalayan salt to create soapstone, it is a great way to preserve the beauty of stone. It also adds color and texture to your stones, so it is perfect for creating the perfect focal point in your home.

Mortar Joints. Himalayan salt is used for creating various types of mortar joints. You can create mortar joints by mixing it with lime and wood ash.

Glass Windows. In order to make glass windows from salt, you need to mix it with lime. For the most vivid, clear glass windows, you will need to add a third of the amount of salt, while for darker windows, you will need a half of the amount of salt.

Tiles. Like with marble, Himalayan salt works well for creating the perfect tiles. These tiles will add a unique twist to your home, and they come in a variety of colors and patterns.

Flooring. When salt is added to concrete, it becomes sand. This is why using this type of salt as flooring is great, because you can create different kinds of textures that are appealing to the eye.

Natural Crystal Salt is perfect for so many different kinds of applications. Use it for flooring, for interior and exterior finishes, for insulation, and as a vibrant medium for creating sandstone. While you will not always see Himalayan salt in your local area, you will find it in many different areas throughout the world because of its properties.