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The Process Of Metal Recycling In Sydney

Metals can be used in production and manufacturing across many industries. Metal recycling should be included in any waste management plan for your business or home. There are many ways metals can be recycled or reused, from scrap metal recycling to construction recycle and more. Atlanta-based companies that specialize in waste management and recycling will be able to provide more information on the amazing benefits of metal recycling. 

Here's a guide to help you start your metal recycling program.


The first step in the metal recycling process is a collection. Metals are collected and placed in special containers during the collection process. It is best to use specific recycling bins for different metals in order to ensure that your metals arrive at the recycling center in good condition. Once you have collected all your metals you can visit your local recycling center such as

Metal Recycling

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The sorting process is the separation of metals into non-recyclable and recyclable categories. Sorting is usually done at the recycling facility. The recycling specialist will help you determine which metals are recyclable and which ones are not. You can also divide the metal materials into non-ferrous and ferrous categories. Once all metal recyclables have been sorted and categorized it is time to move on to the final stage of the metal recycling process.

Shredding and Purification:

Metal recyclables are separated and sent to a machine called a shredder. The shredder will reduce metal sheets into smaller pieces and make them manageable. The metal is then melted under extremely intense heat. After the metal is completely melted it can be used in the manufacturing and production industries.