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Things To Know Before Opting For Real Hair Extensions In Canada

Properly applied, real hair extensions rely on strong hair being bonded. Your natural hair must be healthy and not have been treated with too many chemicals. Hair dyeing, bleaching, or perming excessively can cause damage to the shaft and weaken the cuticle. 

Extensions can put a strain on the hair and the follicle where it grows. Consult a professional to evaluate your hair health. Because they can be clip-in and are not worn continuously, clip-in extensions may be a better option for bonded varieties. There are many companies that provide the best hair loss mesh integration system or book a free consultation from various online resources.

Extensions for human hair should only contain 100% human hair.

Some manufacturers offer a blend of 100% synthetic hair and 100% human hair to meet the high demand for natural hair. However, this product is still 100% real hair. 

The quality of different hair types can vary, so the price of the blended product may be lower. Synthetic hair reacts differently to human hair. Although this may not be obvious to the naked eye it is very apparent when treating extensions like curling or straightening. 

Many times, women with thinning hair turn to extensions to solve their problems. Real extensions will not cover patches of hair loss. Don't despair, there are amazing non-surgical solutions for patchy hair loss. One is integration. This blends real hairs with yours using a hairpiece system.