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Things You Should Know to ‘DIY’ Rent Your Holiday Rental

The first thing that goes through your mind when you decide to rent out your property is how to find guests. The easiest and most cost-effective way to reach a large audience around the world, who may be interested in renting your property, is by advertising on one of the many holiday rental websites.

You should research a holiday rental website that has a good range of properties and can be found easily on searches. In addition to finding the best online advertising website, you should also understand fully all the costs involved.

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Some websites charge a one-off fee for advertising while others charge a fee for your advertisement plus a nightly fee. There are still others that have hidden fees that you need to ensure you are aware of, to make the most of your holiday rental income.

Once you have chosen the website to advertise your holiday rental property on, you need to ensure your advertisement is attractive to guests.

Check to see what other similar properties are charging to ensure you are within the correct price range, have a professional photographer take photos of your property and include sufficient details of your property inclusions so that your rental is clear and attractive to guests.

2. Management: To DIY or not to DIY – that is the question. Do you manage your property yourself or through a property managing agent? Depending on your location proximity to the property and personal situation you may opt for one or the other.

If you do decide to use a professional manager, ensure they are licensed, insured and that you shop around to understand the full pricing model. The fees are quite high for most professional managers and with the additional call-out charges and contract fees some charge, you may find it is very hard to make any profit on your holiday rental.