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Tips For Securing Your Doors and Windows in Whitby

Intruders enter and exit your house in the same way as you do, through your doors. Therefore, all doors within your home must be protected. You must also protect your back and front doors. You also have the sliding door to your patio, the entrance to the basement from outside, and the entry to the house from the garage.

Burglars will break windows out of desperation or accident. They don't want to make any noise that attracts attention to their property. An open window or broken windows are a welcome invitation to burglars. You have many options to increase the security of your windows. If you want to buy new windows and doorways in Whitby, then you can browse the web.


Time is crucial when a burglar attempts to break into your house. You can slow him down to deter him from choosing your home. Good locks are a great way to deter him. Here are some tips to secure your windows and doors.

1. Ensure that at least one window or door is allowed per room for a fire escape. This will allow you to quickly and easily exit through the window or door.

2. All exterior doors should have solid-core deadbolts that are installed in a strong frame with long screws to prevent them from being kicked open.

3. Consider installing a storm door with a lock if you open your doors during the day to let in the sun.

To prevent intruders crawling inside, place security bars around basement windows and around removable AC units.