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Tips on Protecting Your Password Security

Many accounts you use daily online open to the threat, whether it is an email account or social media security. And in the most common and easiest to hack your accounts by accessing or guessing your password. So, we would like to offer some advice on protecting your privacy and security online.

First, it is advisable to use a mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters in your password. Also, be sure to utilize the space, numbers, and symbols. You would be surprised how many people do not bother with this first and easiest way to personalize your access to your online account. You can know more about password security from


Do not try to create a password that you choose is longer than eight characters as well. The word again mixed with a variety of characters that only makes sense for you will greatly increase the security of your online actions.

We understand it is easier to remember if you have one or more default password. But do be careful with this. After the cookie or online history and the most visited sites or social media platform has been accessed, cracking the password can make it too easy to violate another account.

Many sites and email providers offer the option to save answer security questions, if you have trouble remembering your password or if further investigation is required identity. This can be commonplace to make a fatal mistake in terms of your online security.