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Transmission Fluid Change Service

Flushing the transmission at least once a year will ensure that your car is fully maintained. If it has been more than a year or more since your previous treatment, you may want to have an expert do it as soon as possible. Changing the current transmission fluid is very important to keep your car running well and reduce stress on the system. 

If you keep old fluids for a long time, you may actually start having problems that suggest it's time to replace your fluids and you can take help from Once you start paying attention to many of these indicators it could be a signal that you need to give them to an expert and carry out some maintenance. Here are some issues you might notice:

  • Output gearshift
  • The vehicle won't start
  • Transmission noise
  • Transmission oil leak

The difference between transmission fluid change and transmission flush - Budget Transmission

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For those who have encountered such a condition, you will want to immediately initiate repair. If you leave it untreated, the car won't work when you try to start it up later. If you think this is why the car won't start, you should call Customer Service, who will provide you with a free tow service within 50 miles of the shop.

While you have the option of choosing a service that allows you to easily change your fluids, this may be a better strategy for getting rid of your currently stale fluids that are left in the system. In contrast to maintenance of full flushing, up to 50% of the fluid remains in the transmission. Keep all of this in mind when it comes to changing transmission fluid.