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Tweezers For Eyelash Extensions

That's right, there are tons of tweezers for eyelash extensions. However, they are broken down into sub-categories. So out of all the tweezers options, which lash extension tweezers are the best, and in what situations do you use them?

Isolation Tweezers

What are they? This is the simplest and the most important! These are straight tweezers with a slight groove at the bottom that allow the artist to place them on the client's forehead without stretching them and resting on the eyelids.

What are they used for? The Spirit of Isolation. These tweezers will keep your work neat and simple. They allow the artist to separate and isolate each lash they wish to lengthen to prevent the glue from transferring to the other lashes.

Straight Tweezers

Artists usually start with straight tweezers. They're really straight tweezers. They are long and narrow with a pointed point at the end.

What are they used for? They allow artists to easily pick up and place individual extensions on each isolated natural lash.

When are they used? Straight tweezers are most often used for classic lashes (eyelash extension to natural lashes).

Are there different variations? There is a straight forceps variant. They usually vary in size and length based on the preferences of the artist.

Whatever style you choose, make sure you buy high-quality tweezers set. Whether it's a professional session or just personal hygiene, tweezing can be very painful if done with the wrong tweezers.