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Using Facebook Messenger Bots

The initial setting is important because the name of the Bot is what all other people will see when they send a message to your Facebook account. You should use a name that you want other people to know about your Bot account and this can also serve as a password.

The next step is to go to Accounts Section and click on Bot Names. When the page loads, you should see all the details about your Facebook Messenger Bot. If you would like to edit the information, you will be able to do so and again, this is essential.

To start using a Facebook Chatbot, follow these steps. First of all, you need to create an account on Facebook. If you are using a free version of Facebook, you will need to sign up at the beginning of your Facebook experience.

Secondly, once you have an account set up, you need to choose a username for your Facebook page. While your username is being chosen, take note of the Messenger Bot name that you create for your Facebook Page.

Thirdly, go to your Facebook Profile and go to Settings, then Messages. There, click on the gear icon at the bottom right and click on Add A Message. Choose the option to send a message, select Your Message in the drop down menu, and fill in the entire Bot Name, with all the necessary information, including your Facebook Messenger Bot name.

It is often suggested that you use a separate program for your Bot account. One example is Microsoft Bot Framework. It allows you to create Messenger Bots that can perform a variety of tasks and enables you to carry out updates from multiple devices.

Your next task would be to make a shortcut to your Messenger Bot's profile, on your desktop, so that all you have to do isdouble-click on the icon and it opens up your Bot's profile. After this, you can start sending messages. After a while, you will have your Bot send messages to everyone on your Facebook Page.

So how does the Bot actually work? It uses a technique called data linking, where every message sent by the Bot is stored and returned to the user who sent it. The Messenger Bot will first find all the people it is linked to and send a message to them.

The message that it sends out is completely random, thus, there is no way for you to tell whether or not your Bot friend is real or just an automated bot. This method works great if you are worried about security since you can control the messages sent out to all of your friends.

To add a person to your Friends List, you can search for them in Facebook's search engine. When you come across their information, choose them, and click on the button to add them to your Facebook profile.

If you wish to have a specific contact added to your Facebook Messenger Bot, you can do so through Facebook's Web Services. All you have to do is select the Contact from the list of contacts that are displayed in the list of people that you wish to add to your Messenger Bot. The next step is to choose which contacts that you want to have added to your Bot and then click on the Add button.

Once you have done this, your Bot will connect with your friends and send them messages as they are sent by you. Facebook Messenger Bots is very useful, especially for companies, which employ more than one team of professionals for different tasks that can take several days or even weeks to complete.