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Using Meditation To Treat Your Anxiety And Pain

Over the last 3 years, meditation has been shown to assist with everything from high blood pressure, pain direction, immune function, and more.

Meditation is now taught in hospitals, business retreats, churches, schools, and martial arts studios, just to name a few. If you have anxiety and need help managing it you should consider taking proper required treatment from pain and relief station since it can evoke a relaxation response.

Below we have mentioned a few studies showing how meditation can improve your anxiety and chronic pain. All the studies listed have been printed within the last year.

In a few of those abstracts, meditation is known as MBSR – Mindfulness-Based Anxiety Reduction. Although this term covers a wide variety of meditation techniques, the most typical are deep breathing and the repeat of a relaxing word or phrase.

In the latest research review conducted by Medical Center to create a guide for Nurse Practitioners, meditation is successful for reducing stress in each patient population tested.

Furthermore, another study by the University suggests that meditation is far better than other cognitive-based approaches to stress direction on many counts.

Meditation can also assist in pain management. Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh conducted a study on older adults experiencing chronic lower back pain and found that meditation aids in reducing their pain, enhancing their sleep, and increasing their wellbeing.

In a study conducted at the University of Massachusetts, four sets of people who suffer from migraines were taught various kinds of meditation to alleviate their head pain. As has been shown in prior studies, all four groups experienced a decrease in their headache frequency and severity.