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Video Testimonials Add A Personal Touch to Websites

Consumers today are more strategic in finding information online. Whether it’s comparing companies, products, services, or people, people are pickier about where they go to find what they need.

One way to attract users’ attention is through video recommendations. Many websites like to include their product reviews, written testimonials to ensure customer service, company products, and services, or even an introductory video message from the CEO to an audience. You can also opt for a  “top video testimonial service at “(which is also known as. “meilleur service de témoignage vidéo sur “in the French language).

7 Best Practices for Making Awesome Video Testimonials | Uscreen
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By translating these written recommendations into video recommendations, they can give your site a technological edge that might otherwise be lacking and a more personal touch.

Video recommendations provide an opportunity for visitors to see the company’s commitment to providing quality products and services. Personality and emotions translate better in videos than on pages. 

Showing a short video that introduces or highlights a topic about the company is much more effective in attracting the attention of visitors than entering standard text on the home page.

Adding video recommendations to your website gives your website a personal touch that cannot be felt through written text. Visual and audio stimulation give your website a better experience. 

These video recommendations can introduce your product, talk about the company, or provide valuable information about the product, the company, and the people who work there.

The uses of web videos are very diverse. It is a very effective marketing tool to attract visitors’ attention, captivate viewers, and spread the important information or message you want to reach.