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What Are the Benefits of a Commercial Restaurant Grease Traps

Today you can find commercial grease traps in most kitchens and restaurants. A restaurant grease trap, also know as a grease interceptor, is one of the most important tools you will find in any commercial kitchen. Well, just why is a grease trap so important?

This trap is specifically designed for wastewater that includes oils, fats, and grease. This combination in high quantities will block up sewer drains and cause back-flow. You can hire experts for grease trap cleaning in Dublin via

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To function properly, the trap should be cleaned regularly. Oil and Grease Fat represented by FOG stands for. Brown fat, which comes from poultry and other meats, has the most odor.

It is also a good idea to use a grease trap to avoid fats, grease, and oil to form into the septic tank in your basement. Another benefit of this trap is that they really can reduce pollution. large underground units can be pumped out and it can be recycled. (A smaller unit will only need to be emptied into the trash.)

It has a fat interceptor in place that can reduce the amount of pollution going back into lakes and rivers. If the water in your town all is reused, it can create jobs for people in the water treatment plant a little easier.

Grease Interceptors can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Some time to process the grease trap at 4 to 8 gallons per minute and sometimes they can process 50 to 100 gallons per minute.