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What are the Risks Involved with Asbestos and Cancer?


Asbestos during its natural form has a bundle-like appearance especially in the form of mixture. Soils and rocks are where asbestos is usually present. The formation of asbestos takes place due to the presence on 2 elements; silicon and oxygen. Some of the asbestos types include; chrysotile and amphibole.

  • Chrysotile –This asbestos type is also known as curly asbestos, white asbestos and serpentine. These names are due to appearing in a wrapped or spiral shaped when observed under a microscope.
  • Amphibole –When it comes to appearance, this asbestos comes in a straight-line like similar to a needle.

The Relation between Cancer and Asbestos – Swallowing and inhaling are the easiest portal of entry for the asbestos material.

  • Swallowing – If asbestos is found to be present on the surface of food and liquid we consume, then it can enter easily. This leads to the contamination of the food and liquid on swallowing.
  • Inhaling – This is another way of letting the asbestos enter our body. When touched, asbestos can be easily crumbled leading to getting mixed with the atmosphere. Since it gets mixed with the atmosphere, it becomes hard to detect and when inhaled, consider it as dangerous.

During the early stages, it is hard to detect the presence of asbestos inside an individual. After a few years, asbestos related symptoms start to show such as pain in chest, breathing that is hard and difficult, lung cancer etc.

Many residents are now considering asbestos removal in Newcastle, NSW from professionals.