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What Is A Pole Manhole Camera?

A pole manhole camera is a device used to inspect the inside of a manhole or even see what is happening in the sewer pipes from the outside. A pole manhole camera can also be used for maintenance and cleaning purposes.

A pole manhole camera is a type of inspection camera that is inserted into a manhole to perform an inspection of the sewer system. You can even search online for more information About pole manhole camera.

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The pole manhole camera is equipped with a lighting system and a camera that is used to capture images or video of the sewer system. A pole manhole camera is available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and lengths.

What are the different types of pole manhole cameras? The four main types of pole manhole cameras are digital/video, fiber optic/video, HD video, and electric. 

A digital/video pole manhole camera will have a cable that connects to the surface where it is connected to an external data storage device or a monitor where a person outside of the sewer system can view what is being captured inside the sewer line. 

The fiber optic/video pole manhole camera has an internal light source that illuminates the sewer system allowing for clear images to be captured. An HD video pole manhole camera uses an external light source like a light bar and will capture very clear images inside the sewer line. 

Lastly, electric pole manhole cameras are automatically activated by a person entering the sewer system and will turn on for a set amount of time, allowing for capturing photos to be taken inside of the sewer line.