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What is Flameless Venting?

Flameless ventilation is used to extinguish explosion fires without the use of expensive ducts, device location restrictions, or expensive explosion protection.

Flameless ventilation is the ideal form of explosion protection, specifically when the process area located inside has no possible means of venting to an outdoor safe area. No flame vents provide an escape route for explosion pressures similarly to ordinary venting. You can buy flameless vents online from companies like Coopatex Limited.

It prevents any flames and dust particles from exiting the vessel which quenches in place by the mesh cartridge. This form of vents is highly effective in preventing subsequent fire hazards and secondary explosions. If they were to happen, personnel and/or neighboring machinery would be in severe danger.

During flameless explosion venting, the flames are cooled rapidly and efficiently in the mesh filter of the flame absorber and extinguished immediately. No flames and no pressure wave exit the vessel. The production plant can now be designed to create the optimum process conditions. 

Likewise, the typical pressure wave and noise in the production hall are reduced to a barely perceptible minimum. The filter design guarantees that no burned or combustible materials are ejected. This does not only reduce the consequences of the explosion, but it also provides the highest level of protection for employees.