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What Is June Birthstone Meaning?

Since ancient times, gemstones have been used to help people overcome the evil eye and bring them happiness and success. These semi-precious stones are treasured for their stunning beauty and healing abilities. These stones can be difficult to find so they are highly prized.

The date of birth is the birthstone. It was believed to bring about spiritual healing and the cure of all ailments. The accepted June birthstone are pearl, moonstone, alexandrite. It is also the official anniversary gemstone for the third and thirty years of marriage.

Although these are ornamented in crowns, dresses and temples, they were a favorite of Cleopatra. However, you can still get them just right for teenage girls and they are a very popular gift item for first communion.

There are many color options for these gemstones, ranging from delicate rose white to black. The more luster, or “orient,” a pearl has, the better it is. The Greeks believed they were the solidified gladness of the Love Goddess’s tears as she was born from water. The legend says these gemstones were created when oysters were pulled to the bottom of the ocean by the moon, and then ingested moonlit drops. The ancient Chinese believed that these were created from the brains and bones of dragons.