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What Type Of Flagpole Do You Think Will Serve Your Needs?

Poles are very useful when you want to declare your love for the country or flying a flag that highlights your beliefs. No matter what they are used to, poles grouped into three categories, residential, commercial and telescopic.

Residential flagpoles (also known as ‘ fahnenmasten ’ in German) are not necessarily small, but they are not resistant to high wind speeds, as well as the commercial variety. 

What to Look for in a pole

The height of a pole depends on what you feel is quite high. The most important factor is sections with several sections which means weak points. Think of a gutter system and how section varieties are prone to leaks. The same principle applies to poles but instead of water, it is the wind that you have to face.

Halyard system

The next important point is the system that is Halyard allowing a flag up and down. An external halyard platform located outside of the column while an internal system is integrated. Both serve their purpose well, but if the pole is to be erected in an area prone to vandalism, an internal halyard is a better choice.

In-ground, wall mount, water

In-ground, wall mount and water types are the next concern. Most poles are in the ground, but with smaller flags or lack of means of space, you can choose wall varieties. These generally do not fly large flags and are best for urban gardening and advertising. nautical poles are destined for ports and docks. multiple flags may be flown from a single pole.