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Which One To Choose – Professional Laser Vs At-Home Handsets

There is no doubt saying that the COVID has changed our lives in a good way. Like the way, it has taught us everything can be possible no matter the situation. Alot of things we can do at home by ourselves, thus saving more time and money. Now you must be wondering why not go with the professional laser technique? If want to know the major difference between professional laser clinics vs at-home lasers, you must read the article thoroughly. And visit the hey silky skin page to buy a super affordable hair removal handset.

What is the major difference between at-home vs professional laser technology?

Using advanced technology, the laser hair removal system targets the hair follicle at the core to effectively stunt growth and lead to long-term hair removal. 

Laser hair removal generates that heats the hair follicle at its core, effectively stopping unwanted hair growth in a safe, painless, and non-irritating way. There's an easier way to achieve baldness without painful waxing or repeated shaving. But again it comes with various disadvantages too. Starting with first, it is way too costly, like one has to undergo multiple treatments that might require alot of time and tons of money. 

Turning to an at-home laser removal handset, it is a better alternative to laser technology in every aspect.  It is quick, painless, and most important provides long-lasting results. And another great advantage of using this ‘do it yourself’ handset is easiness. You can remove all your body hair in the comfort of your home. Plus, it's gentle enough to use every day!

These gentle waves heat the hair follicle at its core to effectively stunt the follicle's growth, permanently removing unwanted hair.